I like the way he caresses those balls!

We confess that we don’t have a strong suit fetish but… these pictures kind of make us want to suit up and head to the bedroom instead of just, you know, take of our cloths off.

Let’s be honest about one thing: 99.9% of men look really good and sexy in a suit! And so it’s normal that some men nicely dressed in a suit make us want to get down on our knees to open their fly and suck it on.

I remember a few years ago, when Rob and I had just started dating, we went to some event where we had to dress a suit. It was out of town and we were staying at a friend’s house. The friend was out. When we arrive back from the event we were so horny that we just pulled our pants down and Rob fucked me right in the hall. One of the memorable fucks I will never forget!

Because none of us really have a strong suit fetish, I tried to understand it a bit better. Not that fetishes require an explanation or whatever, but I like to try to understand things from a psychological point of view (even though I don’t agree with Freud that I like to suck dick because I didn’t get breastfed and all those things).

Suit Fetish: when you serve a man in a suit

I guess one way of looking into this fetish is to understand that a suit gives a man an image or sense of power. So if you like to be submissive (oh boy I do!) maybe “servicing” a man in a suit can fulfil your submissive desires. Would you guys agree?

C’mon, wouldn’t you love to suck this dick? I love the detail of the dick coming out between shirt buttons.
Great “come and suck your boss” pose!
Quick blowjob before attending your best friend wedding?
Fuck, this is really hot!
Being totally naked while a guy in a suit fucks your ass… I want to try this!
Being the guy who waits for this alpha male at home, naked in bed with his ass ready to be fucked. Hot!

Suit Fetish: when you are wearing the suit

Then, another way of looking at this fetish is through the lens of rebellion, of breaking the rules. A suit represents exactly the opposite of sex: naked vs dressed up, the warmth of skin vs the coldness of business, etc. Wearing a suit is socially accepted, and in many times imposed by your profession, while your wildest sexual fantasies are not really. Fucking in a suit becomes a act of rebellion, of freedom in a certain way.

Haven’t we all had sexual thoughts towards that hot colleague in the office? What if you could just pull your dick out and jerk off watching him?
What about getting home from a hard day of work and have your man naked ready to fuck you? He’s so hard that he can’t even wait to get you undressed.
Yeah, both of you can be wearing a suit for this.
What about getting your tie dirty with cum?
He seems happy with that!
Kinkiness level 2: bringing your belt into action! Time for some spanking?
A socks fetish goes really well along a suit fetish, don’t you think?
Pants down, cocks up! Hot legs, btw.
After work trip to the glory hole place on the way home… That explains those stains his wife always finds in his suits.

Do you guys have a suit fetish? If so, is it about wearing a suit while having sex or just servicing a guy in a suit?

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