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We keep horny for threesomes! A few days ago we had another, making two in less than a week, and we are keep looking for more! This time, the guy was in town only for that night and I met him on Grindr. By the pics he sent, he didn’t look much of our type of guy, specially because he seemed to be all shaved. But he had a great ass and was very willing to bottom for both of us. Rob had a hard working day and we had to go to his hotel as soon as Rob got out of work.
As soon as he opened the door we had our first surprise: the guy had dark skin! He wasn’t black, more like a dark caramel colour (he was from Sri Lanka). The thing was that in the pictures he sent he seemed more of a latin guy, not so dark. But for me that was a major turn-on as we’ve never been with a dark skin guy before. And it’s fucking hot! Oh, and the guy was really nice and had a cute smile, which is very important for us.
Let’s call him “G”.



So… we were there and we had two cocks for him to play with…



But Rob had to shower before. And here was where Rob surprised me: as he was entering the bathroom he said “you guys can get started”. I really wasn’t expecting that. We never did that before, leaving the other guy alone with the third element. And as soon as Rob entered the bathroom, the guy came to kiss me. But the bathtub had a glass window to the bedroom, and even though it had curtains that were closed, I went inside the bathroom and opened them. So when I came back to G and we took off our clothes and kept kissing, we were also watching Rob taking his shower. And that was so fucking horny!


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After shower Rob came and joined us. We kissed a lot while both of us kept squeezing his ass and playing with his hole.






Then he got on his knees and sucked us both, which is a classic in our threesomes and probably all gay threesomes.



G. had a F A B U L O U S ass! And I had to lick it, of course… What a great rimjob I did to that guy! I kept rimming his delicious ass for hours while he sucked Rob’s cock.


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And then I had to fuck him. So I did it while he kept sucking Rob and then we changed. Rob came inside his ass (with a condo, always!) and I asked him to keep fucking him. Which he did! So horny! I ended cuming on myself and G. was very impressed with my load (yes, I cum a lot).


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G. did not cum. He’s a total bottom, and that was the thing I liked the less about him. But he was so nice! We stayed there in his hotel room a bit longer, naked, drinking white wine. It was very pleasant. He’s coming back next month, maybe we will meet again. And maybe I ask him if we can take some pictures to post here, so that all of you can see his delicious ass ūüėČ

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Yes, it’s truth! We’re back on the track of group sex. Threesomes, to be more exactly. We had a pause due to a lot of reasons, but mostly because we lost interest in it for a while.
So last Friday we met this new guy on manhunt and went for a drink with him. Let’s call him “E”. E is a short guy, with an athletic body, cute enough and good talker. We went for a drink near his apartment. Problem was that E. doesn’t live alone. Why is that a problem? Because he lives with his ex-boyfriend and with his ex-boyfriend’s new boyfriend. And with his ex-boyfriends’s new boyfriend’s girl friend. What a mess!

But we headed to his place anyway after having two beers. When we got there it was silent. No one at home! Hurray! So we went to the bedroom, and quickly took our clothes off and started kissing…


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Then we laid in bed, E. in the middle of us, and we started to lick and suck his nipples while caressing his cock… we were ready to take his briefs out when… someone knocked at the bedroom door! Basically, everybody was back at home. And we got back into our clothes and went to the living room to have drinks with everyone… Weird? Freaking weird! But everyone was nice and we ended up having a nice chat there. One hour later we came out…

horny_threesome_22PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs   horny_threesome_20 PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs   horny_threesome_21

But… before we could find a taxi, E. called us back saying that everybody went out again. We couldn’t end the night with our unfinished business, right? So we went back, quickly got in the bedroom, took off our clothes and started again at the same exact point where we had left.¬†And then we had:

Lots of handjobs



Lots of blowjobs and cock sharing.



And then I hammered E.’s ass while he sucked Rob’s cock.


And after a while we changed positions and Rob fucked him while he deliciously sucked my cock. And Rob came inside his ass! (We always wear condoms in our three ways, so it was really more inside the condom)


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I came right after, jerking and the guy took just a little more time to cum, which he did on my leg.

The only “not-so-good-thing” was that his cock could be bigger. It’s not tiny, but I always prefer when they get more close to Rob’s size. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll meet E.¬†again and keep having loads of fun!

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We should post more pictures of ourselves in here, and I promise that we’ll make an effort to do that more. But because we’re still far away, Rob and I, there was no way I could take a picture of us today. So I decided to repost a picture we took a few months ago, right after waking up. And we added other pics showing other pairs of cocks. The last two cocks belong to us. Hope you enjoy them :p


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Today Rob left for one month… We have never been away from each other for such a long time… and I cannot go to him soon. I’m so fucking sad. This is almost ridiculous, I know, it’s only one month and we’ll be skyping everyday and texting all the time (thank you internet, thank you whatsapp!).

But when I got home from the airport I broke down and cry. This house is not the same without him. Such an emptiness… I’m counting the days until I feel Rob’s lips against mine again.

Love you more than anything else ūüôā


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header two horny gay couples


Unfortunately, this has been a hard quest for us… As I wrote before, we only began to have threesomes 6 months ago, but soon started to want more. And we want to do it step by step: being with another couple before going on an orgy.

But it’s not all about the number of guys to fuck with. It’s also about the sensation to be with other two guys who also love each other. Is that “special”? We don’t know yet. Because to find guys for a threesome is very easy, but finding another couple seems to be extremely hard!

We’ve met a few online, but the best ones are a bit far away. As for the others, we’ve met three couples personally. The first one we went for a drink with them: they were ugly, not nice and awkward! It was terrible. Luckily for us, I think they did not like us neither, so it was easy to get out of it without having to take our cocks out.

The second couple lives only a few of blocks away from us. As soon as we skyped them for the first time we decided to go there. We regret not to turn our cameras on while on skype… they were nice but extremely queer and… well… ugly! And there are two type of ugly guys, the ones who turn us on even though, and the ones who just don’t. They belonged to the second group. They really wanted to go to bed, but I was with a slight cold and that got us out of it. The conversation was nice, so the date wasn’t totally awful, but it’s always weird when there’s no chemistry on a date that’s supposed to end up with sex, right?

The third couple, they were visiting our town last weekend and they came to have a glass of wine in our apartment. They were on a tight scheduled and one of the guys told us that before they arrive, so that we would not think they were leaving because they didn’t like us. They were older than us, one of them was good looking and the other was “ok”. We could have tried it with these two guys. But they really had to leave. Anyway, they come to town often, so… maybe next time?

Two good looking, sexy, sweet and cocky gay couples. Must be nice, right?

two horny gay couples 1

two horny gay couples 2

two horny gay couples 3

two horny gay couples 4

We can start with a few kisses…

two horny gay couples 5

two horny gay couples 6

two horny gay couples 7

Then go for double blowjobs…

two horny gay couples 8

two horny gay couples 9

And, of course, the two of us fucking the other two at the same time!

two horny gay couples 10

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When we first started to have sex with other guys (threesomes) we decided to draw a line on what we would do with the guy. Actually, we can say there were several lines. The most important one was: never to kiss!

Sounds stupid? Maybe a bit, but we felt it was important to comply with these rules in order to avoid jealously. I remember that when we were with the first guy we ever had a threesome with, Rob was fucking him from behind and suddenly kissed his back. I did not like it! And the second time (it was with the same guy), Rob licked his nipples for a bit. I did not like it neither, but then I licked his nipples too and that immediately felt ok. But we never kissed his mouth. And the worst part was that we felt uncomfortable kissing each other too.

Then a night came when we met the third guy we made it with. Let’s call him “D”. This happened only last summer. We met D at his brother’s house, who was away for that week. His girlfriend (yes, his girlfriend!) was working that evening. D was a short, cute and nice guy with a beautiful smile, a good body and a good cock. Very straight acting but gentle. And a bottom attitude.

But the best about him was that once we were naked we could immediately tell that he really enjoyed the male body: the way he looked at us and touched and licked our bodies was very passionate. I’m not 100% sure about how things happened (correct me Rob if I’m wrong) but I think that D was sucking Rob’s cock and I approached to suck it too. Suddenly, our mouthes were touching and I could not tell anymore if my tongue was touching Rob’s dick or if it was inside D’s mouth. A few minutes later we changed positions and it was Rob who was sucking my dick together with D.

And that was it. We had kissed and it was ok. It was more then ok. It was very good! So it felt natural that we kissed the three of us at the same time, feeling the mixture of the taste of all our cocks. And then, I suddenly asked Rob to kiss him. I could see that Rob did not want it so much, but he did it anyway. And I got so fucking excited with that! Instead of jealously, that got me super excited! Who would tell?

Anyway, now we kiss almost all the time (we do almost everything almost all the time) and it’s great! There’s much to say about jealously and the need to protect our relationship from that. But I do not regret our decision not to kiss in our first threesomes. It worked fine as we did it.

One advice: if your partner is kissing the third guy, don’t turn your back on it. Face it and enjoy it!



Another advice: there’s much more to kiss than just the mouth!


Third advice: everybody should suck everybody until all mouthes taste like cock. And then this will be even better!


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