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Brazil may have just lose the world cup in a quite shameful game against Germany. I’m not happy with that as I was cheeringĀ for Brazil. But this game can’t make us forget one simple and plain truth: the best “bratwurts” in the world are Brazilian!

And Antonio da Silva has just released a new film to show us that. It is called “CARIOCAS”, which is the name given to people living in Rio de Janeiro. It’s so fucking hot and so beautifully filmed and edited!




CARIOCAS by Antonio Da Silva

This is a voyeuristic hunt during my trip to Rio de Janeiro with lots of sea, sun, sweat and sexual encounters. Brazilian men care about their physique and they freely allow admiration of their sculpted bodies. The sensuality of those men creates blurry sexual identities.

An outdoors gym in the Arpoador area unveiled to me the vibrancy of the country and the diversity of men. Just behind the gym there is a gay cruising park. The gym crowd training during the day is very different from the one training at night. The film is a portrait of this shift while adding more Brazilian testosterone to this Summer’s football excitement in the country!





Click here to watch the explicit trailer and support Antonio da Silva’s great work by donating 6$ to see the entire film.