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Colby Keller’s dick, confetti and his hot blonde pubic hair!


Colby Keller + Cockyboys + BCALLA = WOW!

If you follow this blog for a while you have probably already read (and seen many pics and videos) about my favourite porn star Colby Keller. And you may have read about his project #colbydoesamerica. Also, you should know how we love to watch gay porn from Cockyboys, the gay porn studio that’s – and I’m quoting – “revolutionising the way we see porn”. Last week, together with Colby Keller’s project and fashion designer Brad Callahan (BCALLA), Cockyboys did it again by presenting us the short film “Colby Does NY“.

Much can be said about this. And internet will surely write a lot! But there’s nothing like watching the film, which you can do here or by clicking these next pictures, which I love. They are backstage pics taken by Michael Burk, responsible for the vibrant and funny set design of “Colby Does NY“. I love everything about these pics, I confess that I like them even more than the film itself!

Tayte Hanson.
Tayte Hanson.
Tayte Hanson.
Ricky Roman.
Liam Riley and Levi Karter.
Levi Michaels.
Levi Michaels’ glittered dick.


Colby Keller.
All the boys together.
Colby Keller.


Levi Michaels and Colby Keller.


Colby Keller.


Colby Keller.

Can’t forget to mention that some of my favourite gay porn stars are here. Besides Colby Keller we have Levi Michaels, Levi Karter and Tayte Hanson. These are all in my top 5 gay porn stars list!




Dear readers of this blog,

I think I’ve told you before about my horny feelings towards Colby Keller, my favourite gay porn star. But the thing is that he’s much more than just a cute and hot porn star: he’s not only a love maker, he’s a very intelligent art lover too. If you don’t follow his blog Big Shoes Diaries yet, you should start right now!

But why I am talking about this today? Because Colby is ready to embark in a new adventure and he needs our help. He has given away everything he owns and he will buy a van, a mattress and a camera and start travelling all over America do to porn and art!

He needs funding to do this, of course, and he’s raising it at indiegogo. Contributions start at 2USD and goes all up to 11.000USD.

We’re running out of money right now, so we’ll just support him with 5$, which will give us a tweet from Colby, but if we were rich we would definetly go with the 1.000$ to get a personal visit from him! Anyway, there all always nice perks, no matter how much you can give.

Oh, and you can always support him by talking to your friends about #ColbyDoesAmerica, posting about it on your blog, tumblr, whatever. Any effort will be worth it as soon as you start jerking off to the wonderful videos that Colby will make in this roadtrip! We’re anxious to see the result of this adventure.



Colby Keller, the guy who could fuck me anytime and any way he wanted to, is back for one more super-horny porn video for Cockyboys. This time he gets to drill Dillon Rossi‘s ass.

When the video starts Dillon is looking forward to it as he says that Colby’s got the biggest dick he’s ever seen (well, I love Colby but I don’t believe that’s true). And that gets Colby Keller really happy, and when he’s happy he smiles, and when he smiles I almost cum because it’s so cute!

(Click the images or here to watch this video)


Then we have Dillon Rossi servicing Colby in a very sexy and hot way! That kid knows how to turn a guy on!

colby_dillon_2   colby_dillon_3   colby_dillon_4

But we all know where this is heading: straight (haha) into Dillon’s ass!

colby_dillon_5   colby_dillon_6   colby_dillon_7   colby_dillon_8   colby_dillon_9

And we also know how it ends… with us wishing we were Dillon to get Colby’s endless cumshot in our face!



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Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 1


My favorite gay porn star, Colby Keller, is back with a video that makes me wonder if I’m not a 100% bottom… because all I can think about, while watching this video, is being at Pierre Fitch’s place while he takes with Colby’s first class meat!

(Click the images or here to watch the trailer of this video)

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 2


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 3


I love this next picture. Pierre Fitch is a very cute guy. But I think he should calm down a bit… he’s like “oh fuck me! harder! deeper!” all the time in this video. And I prefer to see a more submissive bottom. Although Colby gets very cute with that, because he’s very shy. Well, at least in the beginning…

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 4


Pierre sucks Colby’s cock like we all wish we could do. But Colby also gets a taste of Pierre’s cock and ass. This rimjob includes some hot spitting, which makes me so horny!

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 5


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 6

And then we go to the real deal… with Colby fucking Pierre in many different ways. At this point of the movie I was envying Pierre so much. I wish I could take it like he does!

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 7 Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 8


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 9


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 10


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 11


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 12


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 13

At the end, there’s a great cumshot scene. Colby Keller drops a massive load on Pierre Fitch, leaving him even more handsome than he is!

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 14


Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 15

Colby Keller fucks Pierre Fitch 16



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Colby Keller is one of my favourite gay porn stars. Well, but they are only two… I confess I don’t know gay porn very well. I know Cockyboys, though, and I love their guys and their movies.

Colby Keller Threesome

And this time they’re giving us a video of Colby Keller in a threesome! It is called Kiss-Hug-Fuck-Love, and is one of the best I’ve seen! First, because it is a threesome and I love threesomes, as I can easily relate them with my personal experiences. Second, Colby Keller is in it and plays with two very hot boys:

Duncan Black and Justin Matthews.

As far as I know, Justin Matthews is new in the business. He’s cute and hot, but my preference goes for Duncan Black: he’s so handsome and such a power bottom!


(Click on the images, or here, to watch the trailer)

Justin Matthews – Colby Keller – Duncan Black


Justin Matthews – love his chest


Handsome Duncan Black


What I like about Cockyboys movies, is that they are charged with passion. Maybe their porn stars are just great actors, but it seems that they really have great chemistry. And that makes all the scenes so exciting! Before the sex scenes, we can see a short story about these guys and their relation. It’s very well filmed – such as the sex scene- and it works very well as a kind of foreplay for us, the viewers.

But I know that most of you will just press forward to the sex scene. So let’s talk about it!

There is a perfect scene where Colby is lying in bed and Duncan and Justin service him: kissing, sucking, sharing his hot cock. Wish I was one of them!

Duncan Black and Justin Matthews blowing Colby Keller’s cock.


Duncan Black and Justin Matthews blowing Colby Keller’s cock.


Duncan Black and Justin Matthews blowing Colby Keller’s cock.


Duncan Black and Justin Matthews blowing Colby Keller’s cock.


Then Duncan Black sits his ass on Colby Keller‘s face. And Colby gives him all: the tongue, the spit, the fingers… and then his meat!

Colby Keller rimming Duncan Black who kisses Justin Matthews.


Colby Keller rimming Duncan Black.


Colby Keller fucking Duncan Black.


Colby Keller fucking Duncan Black.


I prefer guys around their 30’s, but I wouldn’t mind being in Colby’s place with these two hot boys. Even though, if I could chose, I’d still rather do a threesome with Rob and Colby!

Justin Matthew and Duncan Black being adorable and hot!


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs
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Beard is a trend. Gay tumblrs, blogs and other websites seem to be full of hot bearded men. We don’t want to stay out of that!














horny_bearded_guy_nsfw_colby keller
Bearded Colby Keller

Bearded Dale Cooper


Bearded James Jamesson

PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.