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We keep horny for threesomes! A few days ago we had another, making two in less than a week, and we are keep looking for more! This time, the guy was in town only for that night and I met him on Grindr. By the pics he sent, he didn’t look much of our type of guy, specially because he seemed to be all shaved. But he had a great ass and was very willing to bottom for both of us. Rob had a hard working day and we had to go to his hotel as soon as Rob got out of work.
As soon as he opened the door we had our first surprise: the guy had dark skin! He wasn’t black, more like a dark caramel colour (he was from Sri Lanka). The thing was that in the pictures he sent he seemed more of a latin guy, not so dark. But for me that was a major turn-on as we’ve never been with a dark skin guy before. And it’s fucking hot! Oh, and the guy was really nice and had a cute smile, which is very important for us.
Let’s call him “G”.



So… we were there and we had two cocks for him to play with…



But Rob had to shower before. And here was where Rob surprised me: as he was entering the bathroom he said “you guys can get started”. I really wasn’t expecting that. We never did that before, leaving the other guy alone with the third element. And as soon as Rob entered the bathroom, the guy came to kiss me. But the bathtub had a glass window to the bedroom, and even though it had curtains that were closed, I went inside the bathroom and opened them. So when I came back to G and we took off our clothes and kept kissing, we were also watching Rob taking his shower. And that was so fucking horny!


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After shower Rob came and joined us. We kissed a lot while both of us kept squeezing his ass and playing with his hole.






Then he got on his knees and sucked us both, which is a classic in our threesomes and probably all gay threesomes.



G. had a F A B U L O U S ass! And I had to lick it, of course… What a great rimjob I did to that guy! I kept rimming his delicious ass for hours while he sucked Rob’s cock.


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PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs




And then I had to fuck him. So I did it while he kept sucking Rob and then we changed. Rob came inside his ass (with a condo, always!) and I asked him to keep fucking him. Which he did! So horny! I ended cuming on myself and G. was very impressed with my load (yes, I cum a lot).


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G. did not cum. He’s a total bottom, and that was the thing I liked the less about him. But he was so nice! We stayed there in his hotel room a bit longer, naked, drinking white wine. It was very pleasant. He’s coming back next month, maybe we will meet again. And maybe I ask him if we can take some pictures to post here, so that all of you can see his delicious ass 😉

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.



We like to do it in the shower. And “to do it” means lots of things. For example:

To kiss, specially with the water running over our heads.

horny_gay_shower_1 horny_gay_shower_2 horny_gay_shower_3


To lick the water from each other bodies.



And because the ass is perfectly clean, why not a wet rim job?



I like to get my ass soaped, and then fingered, and then fucked. Soap is a great lub!



We like to lean against the shower wall while the other one stroke our soaped cock from behind.



Or to feel the other cock hard while the water falls in our heads.



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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.


We just had one of those great days,  with each other from waking up until going to bed (soon), visiting nice places and exhibitions. We walked all day and are extremely tired, but I wanted to post something anyway. So I decided to post a few pictures of horny naked guys. But to make it more interesting, I’ll challenge Robert once again!

The idea is not new: Rob, you have to pick a favourite guy. But not just “your favourite”. I challenge you to choose ONE guy who you would enjoy watching fuck my ass!

I don’t accept any excuses. Imagine that, to save the world, one of these guys would have to fuck me. I would make the sacrifice, of course (to save the world!!!) but you would have to chose the guy.

Go ahead! :p








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None of us had ever fantasised about Glory Holes before (am I right about you, Rob?). And the first time we came across these perfectly shaped circles was just this last summer while we were travelling through Japan. Our sexual experiences in Japan deserve to be told in an entire post, or many posts, so I’ll just skip to the essential: we went to a gay sauna in Osaka called “Hokuoukan” and that was our first time ever in a gay sauna!

There were Glory Holes in the showers. We noticed that and decided to use it with each other. This means that I went to one shower cubicle, Rob went next door and we sucked each other. The sensation was brutal! Both to suck and to be sucked. Of course we did not stop there and we ended up going to the same cubicle and waiting for other guys to give us their cocks through the hole.

It was very funny and horny at the same time. We just stood there, kissing and blowing each other until someone sticked their dick in the hole. Or their mouthes, and then we would stick our cocks there.

But I must say that we could not help ourselves not to look through the Glory Hole to see how the guy on the other side looked like. I think that the idea of a Glory Hole is exactly not to know. You just see, touch, suck the cock and you never see the guy. I understand the excitement of that, but for us a great cock is nothing without a nice guy attached to it.

Anyway, I want to try more Glory Holes, oh yes. But I don’t mind if it’s always Rob’s cock coming (and cuming) from the other side of the wall!





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Hot guy: Eric Paul Leue

A few weeks ago, a hot guy grabbed my attention at Grateful Grapefuit, in a post with pictures from the photographic work “Tuff Boy Fun” by Donovan Vriens-McGrath. But the name of the model was not written in the post, so I didn’t search more of him until yesterday, when I found out that this hot guy’s name is Eric Paul Leue. Unfortunately, google doesn’t give me much info about him, just lots of websites with these pictures (from “Tuff Boy Fun”), an almost inactive Twitter account and a nice instagram account.

I know that almost no one is reading this blog yet, but if you read this and know where I can see more pictures of Eric Paul Leue, please tell me!

And you, Rob? I’d like to know if you find him hot or not!

Eric_Paul_Leue_1 Eric_Paul_Leue_3 Eric_Paul_Leue_2 Eric_Paul_Leue_4 Eric_Paul_Leue_5 Eric_Paul_Leue_7 Eric_Paul_Leue_8 Eric_Paul_Leue_9 Eric_Paul_Leue_10 Eric_Paul_Leue_11 Eric_Paul_Leue_12 Eric_Paul_Leue_13


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