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Three nights ago we had our first orgy! Just like I wrote on the day before, I had no idea if it would be good. But now I can already tell you how it went.

First of all, I’m happy to have finally participated in an orgy and to have done it with Rob. Now… was it great? It was very good but it wasn’t great. I guess that next time we should be a pair number – we were 5 guys, which sometimes led to one guy staying out. For me that’s cool, I didn’t mind to be on the outside looking at Rob with the other guys, that makes me horny. But there is always some concern about making sure that everyone is “happy”, probably even more because I and Rob were hosting this orgy.

Also, I think that it’s very easy to find out what to do next in sex when you’re with one or two more guys, but it’s not so easy when there are more! I felt that sometimes we did not know what to do next.

And finally, it’s frequent to take an elbow or a knee right in your face! Haha. But that was more at the beginning, as time went by I think that we all got more conscious about occupying the space. Anyway, I was always remembering the “Twister” game.

And I want to have more orgies, with even more guys!


















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A week ago I wrote a post about saying that one of my fantasies was about to come truth: to have a cock inside my ass and another one inside my mouth at the same time. At least I was talking about it with a friend of ours (friend with benefits). Well, we were with him last evening and that did not happen… To be honest, I think nobody even remembered it.

But we tried to do another thing that we never did… this:


Sadly, it didn’t work out! I was fucking the guy and asked Rob to finger my ass at the same time. That was easy. Then Rob tried to stick his cock inside me (it had lube already) but I couldn’t handle it.

We’re both versatile but more top and even though I’ve been fucked by Rob standing up,  yesterday i couldn’t take it. But we did a lot of things:

Rob got two asses to finger. I think it excites me more than him, but I get really horny seeing him assuming such a top position with two submissive guys.
We both got to fuck the other guy’s ass, of course!
The guy got to swallow both our cocks (I love to do this also).
We all did this, in all positions.
I got to suck Rob while the guy was rimming my ass.
Rob was the one in the middle, feeling a tongue in his ass and another one in his cock.

And there are many other things we could have done, but we would need an entire day for it and we only had one night.

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None of us had ever fantasised about Glory Holes before (am I right about you, Rob?). And the first time we came across these perfectly shaped circles was just this last summer while we were travelling through Japan. Our sexual experiences in Japan deserve to be told in an entire post, or many posts, so I’ll just skip to the essential: we went to a gay sauna in Osaka called “Hokuoukan” and that was our first time ever in a gay sauna!

There were Glory Holes in the showers. We noticed that and decided to use it with each other. This means that I went to one shower cubicle, Rob went next door and we sucked each other. The sensation was brutal! Both to suck and to be sucked. Of course we did not stop there and we ended up going to the same cubicle and waiting for other guys to give us their cocks through the hole.

It was very funny and horny at the same time. We just stood there, kissing and blowing each other until someone sticked their dick in the hole. Or their mouthes, and then we would stick our cocks there.

But I must say that we could not help ourselves not to look through the Glory Hole to see how the guy on the other side looked like. I think that the idea of a Glory Hole is exactly not to know. You just see, touch, suck the cock and you never see the guy. I understand the excitement of that, but for us a great cock is nothing without a nice guy attached to it.

Anyway, I want to try more Glory Holes, oh yes. But I don’t mind if it’s always Rob’s cock coming (and cuming) from the other side of the wall!





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