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Colby Keller’s dick, confetti and his hot blonde pubic hair!


Colby Keller + Cockyboys + BCALLA = WOW!

If you follow this blog for a while you have probably already read (and seen many pics and videos) about my favourite porn star Colby Keller. And you may have read about his project #colbydoesamerica. Also, you should know how we love to watch gay porn from Cockyboys, the gay porn studio that’s – and I’m quoting – “revolutionising the way we see porn”. Last week, together with Colby Keller’s project and fashion designer Brad Callahan (BCALLA), Cockyboys did it again by presenting us the short film “Colby Does NY“.

Much can be said about this. And internet will surely write a lot! But there’s nothing like watching the film, which you can do here or by clicking these next pictures, which I love. They are backstage pics taken by Michael Burk, responsible for the vibrant and funny set design of “Colby Does NY“. I love everything about these pics, I confess that I like them even more than the film itself!

Tayte Hanson.
Tayte Hanson.
Tayte Hanson.
Ricky Roman.
Liam Riley and Levi Karter.
Levi Michaels.
Levi Michaels’ glittered dick.


Colby Keller.
All the boys together.
Colby Keller.


Levi Michaels and Colby Keller.


Colby Keller.


Colby Keller.

Can’t forget to mention that some of my favourite gay porn stars are here. Besides Colby Keller we have Levi Michaels, Levi Karter and Tayte Hanson. These are all in my top 5 gay porn stars list!




[Click the images or here to watch this video]

Tayte Hanson, all groomed just as we saw in our previous post.
Levi Michaels, the hottest power bottom blonde in gay porn!

Both Tayte Hanson and Levi Michaels have been featured here in this blog before. Tayte Hanson is one of our favourite newcomers in gay porn (and his 2015 Cybersocket best newcomer award seems to validate our good taste in gay porn actors) and Levi Michaels is the hottest power bottom out there! He’s an exclusive Cockyboys model and one of the few reasons why we sign up to this studio.

In our previous post we already mentioned this gay-porn-horror-movie, focusing on Tayte Hanson’s new haircut. Now let’s go to what really matters…

[Just a small paragraph to explain one thing: Cockyboys is making a great work at reinventing gay porn, and maybe porn in general, and “Answered Prayers”, the series that ends with this video, is a good example of that. Besides the sex scenes there is a story to tell, in a very sexy and erotic way, of course, that let us keep our cocks inside our pants for a while before the sex/porn itself begins. And it’s really worth it, because when we get there, all the story that was being told kind of builds ground to make the sex scenes even more exciting. This said, what really matters in the end is the sex/porn stuff, right?]

Back to the video, I really like this part when Tayte Hanson kisses and bites Levi Michaels’ sexy blonde beard. Rob has grown a nice bear lately and I totally get what Tayte is doing here!




Then there’s the way how Levi Michaels sucks Tayte Hanson’s cock. Levi is a perfect bottom. He get’s really submissive and verbal in his videos and I love that. If I could ask for one wish right now, I wouldn’t ask for world peace, but to to get Levi Michaels sucking my dick and then sticking it up his ass.




These guys take their time fucking. They do it on the floor…








 And on the table.



Such a bottom face…


Wish that was my cum…


Hope you enjoyed as much as we did. Unfortunately not as much as these two while they were shooting…




[Click on the pictures or here to watch this video]


How many gay porn actors have you seen cutting their hair on a porn movie? Well, we’ve seen only one but it was really worth it. Not only because of the movie itself (we will post about it later) but because the new haircut really makes the guy even more pornolicious! And the guy is one of the best new gay porn stars of the moment: Tayte Hanson.

In “Answered Prayers: The Actor” – the final chapter of this brave and horny series directed by Jake Jaxson for Cockyboys – Tayte Hanson plays an actor that’s caught in all this sexy horror drama leaded by hungry hot guys with wonderful dicks and holes to drill.

Through the movie, which has some amazing and cinematic sex scenes like only Cockyboys know how to do, but also tells a story starring mostly half-naked actors, we got to see Tayte Hanson as we used to know him, with his long hair, then see him cutting his hair, and finally, for the big sex scene where he pounds Levi Michaels, all groomed up.

To be honest, we didn’t like his long hair too much. The only good thing about it was the possibility to grab it during sex.
The haircut… kind of horny, right?
Yeah, Tayte Hanson, you better shower after a haircut and before sex.
And here he is! Tayte Hanson is more handsome than ever and ready to take care of Levi Karter’s blonde ass!


We saved the best for last, of course 😉




Now, do you agree with us? Is Tayte Hanson better than ever or not?


Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 15

Not that he was gone for a long time or anything like that. But you know when you enter your house after being out for only one hour and your dog is all happy and jumping and crazy like he hadn’t seen you for months? I feel like that dog whenever a new gay porn video with Tayte Hanson is released!

[Click the images or here to watch this video]

 C’mon, he´s gorgeous no matter what he’s doing. He’s gorgeous when he gets a blowjob…

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 14


He’s gorgeous when he kisses…

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 17


He’s even gorgeous when he’s all sweat after a hard drilling session.

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 13

He’s even gorgeous and sexy when all we can see are his back and lovely ass.

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 16


Yeah… Tayte Hanson‘s ass…!

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 18


Oh, yes, there’s another guy here in this video. Sorry for talking only about Tayte! The guy is the aussie Jaxon Radoc. Quite cute and very eager for making sure that Tayte gets out of this steamy sex scene really happy. Which he does. And so did we!

For us, kissing is very important. Not only in real life but also in gay porn. We believe that kisses can hardly lie, so if we see two gay porn stars kissing and it seems like passion, it’s because it’s real!

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 1


Tays claims that he got a boner as soon as he saw Jaxon Radoc. But still these two guys lost a few time with foreplay… which is hot! Love to get warm before going for the real game, even watching porn.

 Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 2


Now… do you got something to say about their hair movements?

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 3

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 4


At this point I’m full of envy of Jaxon… boy I’d love to lick that ass!

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 5


Love the way Tayte rims Jaxon while looking at him, making sure he’s having pleasure.

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 6


Jaxon Radoc was ok until now… and suddenly he gets much more than ok! This boy knows how to ride!

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 7

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 8

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 9

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 10


Damn! Tayte is such a hot lover!

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 11


Who wants his cum? We do! And Jaxon Radoc got it.

Tayte Hanson drills Jaxon Radoc 12


An outdoor scenario, one hammock and two cockyboys. One of them is Tayte Hanson. Do we need to say more?

[Click on the images or here to watch this video]

Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 9


Guess that I could say that I find Tayte Hanson really handsome and he get’s even more beautiful when he has a cock near his mouth or his cock inside an ass.

Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 10


Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 11

And now some gifs so that I don’t need to write more and can spend my time doing these same things with Rob 😉

Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 1


Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 2


Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 3


Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 4

Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 5


Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 6


Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 7


Tayte Hanson fucks Dillon Rossi 8


PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.



It’s Tayte with a Y. And it’s Hanson but should be Handsome! Gentleman and… gentlemen, he’s Tayte Hanson and this is his first porn video. Please let us support him to make sure it’s not the last! Because we want to see more of him, yes we do!

(click the pictures or here to see this video)


So who’s this guy? Accordingly to Cockyboys‘ director, Jake Jaxson, he was after Tayte a few years ago to shoot him, but Tayte said no. Until recently, when he decided to participate in a competition called “So You Wanna Be a Cockyboy“? and won it. The “prize” was to shoot (which implies to have a hot sex session) with Levi Karter.




The only thing I don’t like about Tayte Hanson is his hair… but it’s funny because I read that the director of the video wanted him to cut his hair, but he said “NO”. Also, it seems that he suffered from testicular cancer and he had to remove one. And that’s the reason why he’s so white: he puts sunscreen all the time.

Are these facts important? For me they are, because they make me see him a human and a guy who, very probably, has a strong personality to match his hot body. And that’s a big turn-on!

But let’s go to the sex scene: the chemistry  between Tayte and Levi is awesome! They kiss all the time with such a passion!



Then Tayte starts to tease Levi Karter by rubbing his ass and giving him a nice rimjob.




And then… well, then Tayte fucks Levi’s ass in a way we all would like him to fuck us!

tayte-levi-30 tayte-levi-31 tayte-levi-32 tayte-levi-34 tayte-levi-41 Tayte-Hanson-Levi-Karter_0096

These two seem to get along pretty well. And that leads to a great final, full of cum, just how I like it!





PLU Top 100 Gay Blogs
Posted by Peter.

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Two horny guys posting to other horny guys.