Glory hole sluts are those guys who, on a saturday or sunday, decide to spend their day on their knees by a glory hole waiting for countless cocks to pop out and then suck them dry. I could very well be one of these glory hole sluts.

Well, we only had one glory hole experience, and it wasn’t like I got there on my knees the entire day. But it was amazing and since then I watch glory hole porn movies often and they get me excited as hell. I never imagine myself in the place of the guy who sticks his dick inside the glory hole, but rather in the place of one of those glory hole sluts who welcome their dicks in their mouth.

So, even though I cannot consider myself a glory hole slut, because willing is not enough and one needs the experience too, I’m glad to enumerate some of the qualities of glory hole sluts that I believe I could strongly possess (just tell me where there’s a fucking glory hole place near our house):

1) Glory hole sluts wait patiently

And so would I! If you tell me to sit and a nice cock will pop-out I will sit there waiting for as long as it takes…

He even got a nice chair to sit and wait.
I guess this hungry guy is willing to give more than his mouth in these glory holes…

2) Glory hole sluts know how to hold a dick

I’m the master of holding dicks! Actually, I’m good at anything that has to do it dicks…

Hungry boy…
Damn, that’s a nice dick!
Those boots were made for staying and sucking.


3) Glory hole sluts know how to tease

Just ask Rob how good I am at teasing him…

Hmmm…. I love to lick a cock head like this!
Oh boy, you better open that mouth really well!
Nice cock head sucking.
Not sure where he’s looking at, but it’s such a tease!


4) But glory hole sluts also know how to keep their mouthes full! 

And I can do much better than any of these following guys…

You can go deeper, boy. Let your nose hit the wall!
Nice image!

5) And glory hole sluts know how to take it all the way… 

Talking about it, I didn’t have my daily dose of cum today. Rob, where are you?!

Slutty! Delicious too.
A glory hole slut is always happy to give you some relief after a hard day at work.


6) Some glory hole sluts actually need more than one cock to be satisfied

Even though Rob’s cock is more than enough for me, I never say no to another one joining in.

Let me start with the smallest one first…
Blowjob, handjob. And his father still complains he ain’t got a job!


7) Other glory hole sluts like to have company on their side of the wall too

I’m all in for getting my head pushed by one guy while I suck another!

I envy him…
Lucky boy!
And lucky man!

8) And finally, some some glory hole sluts the more the better!

This is kind of my dream, actually…

I like how he pretends to be shocked… 😉
Why so bored? Jesus… get out of there and let me replace you!

Should we just move to some city with a nice glory hole place so that I could spend my weekends there? I really think I could make many guys happy!

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