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Unfortunately, this has been a hard quest for us… As I wrote before, we only began to have threesomes 6 months ago, but soon started to want more. And we want to do it step by step: being with another couple before going on an orgy.

But it’s not all about the number of guys to fuck with. It’s also about the sensation to be with other two guys who also love each other. Is that “special”? We don’t know yet. Because to find guys for a threesome is very easy, but finding another couple seems to be extremely hard!

We’ve met a few online, but the best ones are a bit far away. As for the others, we’ve met three couples personally. The first one we went for a drink with them: they were ugly, not nice and awkward! It was terrible. Luckily for us, I think they did not like us neither, so it was easy to get out of it without having to take our cocks out.

The second couple lives only a few of blocks away from us. As soon as we skyped them for the first time we decided to go there. We regret not to turn our cameras on while on skype… they were nice but extremely queer and… well… ugly! And there are two type of ugly guys, the ones who turn us on even though, and the ones who just don’t. They belonged to the second group. They really wanted to go to bed, but I was with a slight cold and that got us out of it. The conversation was nice, so the date wasn’t totally awful, but it’s always weird when there’s no chemistry on a date that’s supposed to end up with sex, right?

The third couple, they were visiting our town last weekend and they came to have a glass of wine in our apartment. They were on a tight scheduled and one of the guys told us that before they arrive, so that we would not think they were leaving because they didn’t like us. They were older than us, one of them was good looking and the other was “ok”. We could have tried it with these two guys. But they really had to leave. Anyway, they come to town often, so… maybe next time?

Two good looking, sexy, sweet and cocky gay couples. Must be nice, right?

two horny gay couples 1

two horny gay couples 2

two horny gay couples 3

two horny gay couples 4

We can start with a few kisses…

two horny gay couples 5

two horny gay couples 6

two horny gay couples 7

Then go for double blowjobs…

two horny gay couples 8

two horny gay couples 9

And, of course, the two of us fucking the other two at the same time!

two horny gay couples 10

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