Cities covered with snow are beautiful, spending a day naked by the fireplace drinking wine with your man is lovely. But let’s face it: it’s hell to walk on the icy sidewalks and most of us don’t have a fireplace. Winter has it’s charms but we all can’t wait for those warmer sunshine days to be here. So while spring doesn’t awake from her beauty sleep, here are some kinky tips on how to keep warm this winter while enjoying the outdoors (and the beautiful snow).

1. Wear tight white briefs.

They will keep your dick warm and cozy. And they match the snow in the background. You can’t see how this will keep you warm? Well, I can’t either. But while you may be freezing all your friends will think you’re hot!


2. Eat ice cream.

This actually makes some sense. While it feels good to drink and eat hot stuff to feel warm, ice creams taste wonderfully in winter and keep your inner temperature more balanced with the outside temperature. This results in making you feel better.


3. Have a threesome.

While you don’t really believe that the previous points can help you, this third one you know exactly how it will keep you warm! Well, it works. Trust us on this one. We’re experts.


4. Wear good boots.

Specially when walking in the snow, keeping your feet warm is extremely important. This guy is a good example. Actually, he seems we only care about his feet. Wish more guys would follow his example. We’d leave the house much more often in winter.


5. Be hot.

Be like them. They’re hot so they don’t seem to mind the cold. Wonder if one of them is willing to come here and warm us up a little bit… We might even need both.



6. Work hard with a shovel.

Don’t let anyone do this job for you. It will keep you warm and grow some nice biceps.


7. Go for a walk.

Go out! Walk, enjoy the beauty of winter. Leave your pants at home please.


8. Jacuzzi!

A classic, right? Don’t have a jacuzzi at home? Well, find someone who has one on Grindr. I’m sure he would enjoy some company.


9. Keep your head warm.

For example, by letting your hair grow. Look at him, it seems to be enough to keep him warm.


10. Keep the blood flowing.

You know how to keep the blood flowing, right? Just go through our blog and that should help!



11. Go have fun in the snow with your friends.

Take pictures like this. It’s fun. Don’t forget to send us afterwards (to hornytwoguys@gmail.com)


12. Have sex in the snow.!

Have we tried it? Are we telling that having sex in the snow will keep you warm based in our own experience? Well… no. We never tried it and I’m not quite sure we ever will. But hey, these two seem to be doing quiet ok!




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