Trying to answer the 1st challenge with Steffen Nørgaard

Robert launched a challenge in the previous post: to post pictures of guys that define our taste in men. It sounds easy, right? Specially for a gay guy. Well, it’s not for me!

Luckily (I think) I’m very eclectic when it comes to my taste towards men. And I’ve been thinking about this all morning, trying to remember which male celebs turn me on or so, or which kind of body type I could pic to get a sample of my taste in men. And I can’t get to a conclusion. I thought about picking different types of men, search for pictures and post it. But that would not really answer the challenge.

So, my propose is to answer the challenge not in one post, but in many posts. Let me take the next days our weeks searching the web for hot guys (what a great excuse I just got!) and posting about the ones that turn me on the most. Maybe in a few days we’ll be able to find some pattern. Is that ok for you, Rob?

Let’s start!

Steffen Nørgaard

I was just going from blog to blog and from tumblr to tumblr trying to find hot guys when I stumbled upon the first picture bellow. And the name of Steffen Nørgaard was written next to it. So I googled and found more. I don’t think he’s a porn star or something like that. Probably just a hot model. Probably not even gay. But he’s handsome, his body is very sexy and he’s got a cute smile.

Would you let Steffen Nørgaard fuck me, Rob?

Steffen Norgaard horny guys 1
Steffen Nørgaard: is he a Greek God or what?
Steffen Norgaard horny guys 2
I enjoy his long body a lot. The long beard is also very sexy, but I’m not sure it would be very good to kiss him with that.
Steffen Norgaard horny guys 3
Smoking may not be good for your health, but surely makes a man sexy!
Steffen Norgaard horny guys 4
This thing of having blond hair and a long brown beard is awesome! And because of the child he also looks adorable here.
Steffen Norgaard horny guys 5
But why do we need a long beard when a smile is all it takes to make us want to take him to bed?
Steffen Norgaard horny guys 6
Up mine, Steffen Nørgaard? Good idea!


  1. e jerry powell

    No, he’s a Scandinavian god. Think THOR. Or, if you prefer phallic gods, think ODIN.

    I would certainly eat that particular Danish. Until I got fat, in fact.

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