Men kissing might just be the most powerful turn-on there will ever be. We love rough porn, gang bangs, glory holes and all that stuff that we post in this blog. But to be very honest, if there’s no men kissing then half of the fun is not there.

This relates closely to our real life sexual experiences. I remember that when we started opening our relation – meaning having other guys joining us in bed – we had this rule of no kissing. Of course we had fun the first three or four times even without kisses. But soon we figured out that both of us felt the desire to kiss the other guys we were with and we erased that rule.

And you know what? I found out that I love to jerk off watching other two men kissing. And more… I get really horny watching Rob kissing another guy!

It’s beyond just love. Two men kissing can be about passion too. Or chemistry. When we have sex with other guys we don’t feel love for them or not even passion. But when there’s chemistry the kisses are great and the sex is much better. What’s better than kissing the mouth of the guy who just sucked your dick, hum?

Men Kissing Gifs

men_kissing_1 men_kissing_2 men_kissing_3men_kissing_4 men_kissing_5 men_kissing_6 men_kissing_7men_kissing_8men_kissing_9men_kissing_10men_kissing_11men_kissing_12men_kissing_13men_kissing_14men_kissing_15men_kissing_16men_kissing_17men_kissing_19

What do you thing guys (and girls)? I know that some fetishes, like glory holes for example, require non-kissing. But don’t you think sex is much better with kisses? And do you get off watching other men kissing?

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