Today is Cyber Monday. Hurray! But please let’s take a minute away from our shopping (which I don’t criticise, don’t get it wrong) to remember that today is also the World Aids Day.

I was born after AIDS was identified. And I was a child when thousands of human beings were fighting and dying from this new enemy that no one knew what it was. I’m fortunate enough to say that I haven’t lost one friend to Aids. Neither did I ever have a close friend or family member who has the disease.

But as a gay guy, the possibility of getting Aids has haunted me for a long time. Not that I think that only gay men should worry about it, but maybe we get to hear and read more about HIV. And that’s a good thing! It’s a good thing that I was scared of getting Aids even before I started to have sex because that means that I took the right precautions since the very first day.

World Aids Day 2014
This is maybe the most serious post I’ve made here. So there’s no place for porn or naked men. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a cutie like Matt Bomer ­čśë

Aids shouldn’t exist. World Aids Day shouldn’t be necessary. But it is. It is important to remind, to remember, to inform. There’s no excuse to get infected these days in first world countries!

You don’t like using a condom? But have you tried those stimulating ones? You wanna bareback so badly? So pick your┬ápartner(s) and go get tested. Do the tests, check the grey areas (tests won’t reveal positive if you got infected recently) and then go and have fun. I love sex, I wanna do all kind of nasty things! And that’s why I have to take care of myself, of my body! Because I wanna have fun for many, many years.

When was the last time you got tested? Both Rob and I got tested before Summer and we’ve had a few partners since then. Yes, we are careful and use condoms, but it’s time to get tested again. It’s always a good time for that. It’s scary, I know. We get excuses to delay it, we say we’ll do it next week, next month…

I love (RED) and all the things they do. They represent the Good Side of Marketing! And this year I’m helping by buying some gems on Clash of Clans (yeah, I’m a geek I know… by the way, if anyone out there want to create a horny clan, just say it!).

And now let me go watch “The Normal Heart” again and destroy some villages on Clash of Clans. And you, if you think you need to know more about AIDS and prevention, click here.

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